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Set of 2 Storage Bins / Trash Bins / Small Baskets

Set of 2 Storage Bins / Trash Bins / Small Baskets

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One more for Borassus Natural Palm Tree Collections !

They are sold together as set of 2 storage baskets in natural color.


Dimension (approximately...)

Height (lid included) : 32 cm / 12.6"
Diameter : 32 cm / 12.6"

Height (lid included) : 28 cm / 11"
Diameter : 28 cm / 11"

✤Dear customers✤
Our products are completely handmade. Therefore you might find little defects on them.
As our production or quality control is not as strict as industrial companies, please accept them as nature and handmade charms when purchasing.

We use recycled bags for basket shipping. It doesn't look fancy but solid. It is necessary because it should be protected well for a long journey until your place. Please accept our effort for eco-friendly wrapping.

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