About us

Modecorarts has started recruiting women and men interested in working with us, here in Senegal, in 2016. There is great workmanship and craftsmanship in Senegal. But the craftspersons have never learned how to showcase their items. Besides, their skills remain as skill, meaning they don't develop new creations or new designs.

So we decided to recruit them to design items and produce with them. We didn't want to bring them some vague help. One of our aims is to create employment so that these people can be more independent financially and professionally.

Most of the craftspersons grew up in the countryside, which is called here « la brousse » : borassus, baobabs, peanut plants everywhere, sand and tons of birds. Yes, beautiful. Very beautiful.

They grew up helping in the family's fields instead of going to school.

The experience we are offering them is one of their first professional ones. They are excited and happy to make money, but they make mistakes, don't double-check. They still have everything to learn about production with materials, deadlines and such.

We struggle everyday with this lack of training and the culture gap. But we learn many things from these talented women and men. We also appreciate their life stance. Their respect for nature and their traditions. They definitely have no stress in life. It is the best thing to learn from them.

Our products are made this way and hopefully, will always be made this way.

We share laughs, shouts, money, peanuts or beans.

Enjoy being a part of our homemade fair trade ! ;)