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Oval Salad Bowl // Hand Carved Plate

Oval Salad Bowl // Hand Carved Plate

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Our oval teak wood bowl can hold tasty caesar salad at party or pop corns at movie time.

This beauty of genuine hand carving reveals rustic but chic and gorgeous presence on your table, hallway furniture or coffee table in living room.

For all tablewares, our team doesn't use any machine. They use only chisel and sand paper. This is the reason why they are so unique and beautifully rustic.  

✤How to Care
As this is teak wood, please do not leave it sunk into water for long time. You will start seeing some cracks. Wash and dry after every use. Then sometimes nourish it with a piece of fabric soaked with olive oil.

Dimension (approx..)
Width: 52 cm / 20.4"
Depth: 22 cm / 8.6"
Height: 10 cm / 4"


✤Dear customers✤
Our products are handmade. You might find little defects on them. 
As our production or quality control is not as strict as industrial companies, please accept them as natural and handmade charms when purchasing.

We use recycled materials for basket wrapping. It doesn't look fancy but solid. It is necessary because it should be protected well for a long journey until your place. Please accept our effort for eco-friendly stance. 

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