Wood Plate With Rounded Corners // Rectangle Plate In Teak Wood Tableware

Wood Plate with rounded corners // Rectangle plate in teak wood

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Dinner Plate made of teak wood.
Totally shaped and curved by hand and beautifully finished to use as dinner (or breakfast!) plate.

As this is made of teak wood, you can absolutely use with wet food and wash with detergent.
Besides it is also suitable to be used as jewelry or key storage.
The aspect of teak wood will certainly add a natural touch in your entrance, bathroom or kitchen.

The color will fade with use little by little but you can enjoy its aging.

Corners are rounded by hands.
Rectangle shaped and naturally in brown teak wood color.

This item is designed by Mö and handmade by modecorarts team.

Dimension (approximately...)
Width : 11,6" / 29,5 cm
Depth : 7" / 18 cm
Height : 0.6" / 1,5 cm

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Our products are handmade. You might find little defects or difference within same products.
Since our production or quality control is not as strict as industrial companies, please accept them as natural and handmade charmes when purchasing.

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