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My first blog... about Senegal

Ever taken a trip to Senegal? It's tucked away on the far end of the African continent, not too far from Europe or the east side of the USA and South America.

Fun fact: it used to be a French colony, so French is the official language, but day-to-day convos? That's all about Wolof, with a sprinkle of Poular or Diola depending on where you are.

Now, imagine this: about half the place is giving a big hug to the Atlantic Ocean. They're kind of a big deal for seafood—oysters, mussels, fish galore. But venture a bit further from the coast, and it's a different scene - sand everywhere and baobab trees, borassus (like palm trees), neem, acacia—basically the survivors handling seven months of dryness each year.

And then there's Casamance, this lush, green spot below Gambia. Yeah, there's another country right in the middle of Senegal, playing referee between the north and south. The south, especially under Gambia, is like a green oasis.

So, my hustle, Modecorarts, sets up shop in the north, where life can be a bit of a juggle. Being an outsider, sure, there are some culture gaps. But you know what? The stress here is a different breed. It's not the crazy, hectic vibe I knew before. Sometimes it feels like too little stress, almost too chill. But I'm vibing with this laid-back lifestyle. Helps you focus on the now, easier to let things slide.

Starting up Modecorarts? Easy peasy. Keeping the wheels turning? Still a bit of a challenge, like any business in any corner of the world. I've got to keep an eye on everything, be on point. But somehow, I'm rolling with it. The weather's usually on point, surrounded by wild birds, and after every rainy season, my trees just burst with growth.

Senegal's got so much more to tell, but hey, I'm just dipping my toes into the blogging scene. I'll be back to spill more about my take on this place. Stay tuned!