Leather Shoes / Babouche Silver X Ivory Flat Low Heel

Leather Shoes / Babouche / Silver x Ivory / Flat Shoes / Low Heel Shoes

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Babouche; oriental slip-on flat shoes in leather.

2 colored (Silver & Ivory leather ) and fully lined and finished with sole for outdoor.

Very chic but simple design. Rounded shaped toes. 
Extremely comfortable for either indoor or outdoor use.

This item is designed by Mö and handmade by modecorarts team.

Size (approximately...)
5 (US) : 37 (EU) : 23 cm
6 (US) : 38 (EU) : 24 cm
7 (US) : 39 (EU) : 25 cm
8 (US) : 40 (EU) : 26 cm

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